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Tue Mar 9, 2021

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How To Import Trades From Interactive Brokers To OptionVue

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Before you begin

NOTE: It is considered a best practice to delete previous IB exported files on your computer before you run this procedure each day so you don’t accidentally import old data. IB does not ask you what filename you want to use so Windows will add (1) to the 2nd file name and (2) to the third file with the same name.

New transactions are not included in the IB Flex Queries until sometime over night. Run your IB exports in the morning the following day.

1. Login to Interactive Brokers website and navigate to the Account Management page

step 1

2. Navigate to the “Reports” > “Activity” > “Flex Queries” page


3. Click the “Create New Flex Query” button


4. Fill in the Activity Flex Queries Form


1. Enter a Query Name. This is for your use and can be anything.

2. Select “text” in the next drop down

3. Select “Comma” for the Output Format and check the checkbox for “Include column headers”

4. Set the “Date Configuration” as you would like it.

5. Scroll down to the “Trades” section and expand it

5. Select the fields in the “Fields Available” and move them to the “Fields Included”


1. Include the fields in this order:

  • Trade Date
  • Trade Time
  • Buy/Sell
  • Asset Class
  • Symbol
  • Quantity
  • TradePrice
  • IB Commission
  • Net Cash

2. Select the “Level of Detail” to “Executions”

6. Confirm the “Fields Included” are in this order


7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Save Query” button.


8. Click on the “Run” icon to execute your query


The csv file will automatically be downloaded by your computer.

9. Open the Transaction Log and click the 3rd button from the left (the Import button)


10. Start the File Import Wizard


1. Set the “Start importing at row” to the number 2.

2. Click the “Next>” button.

11. Continue with Step 2 of the File Import Wizard


1. Select a Delimiter of Comma

2. Click the “Next>” button.

12. Continue with Step 3 of the File Import Wizard


1. Set the “Order of Fields” to match the settings in your IB Flex Query

2. Set the correct Date Field format. “YMD” is the default.

3. Click the “Next>” button.

13. Confirm that your transactions were imported


14. Verify that your Transaction Log has been updated


15. You’re done!

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