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Tue Mar 9, 2021

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How To Setup A Conditional Buy Order

Knowledge Base

Step 1: Click on the “Ask” price to create an order row in TWS

IB-Conditional-Order-001 Image

Step 2: Choose a condition to trigger the order and click “Next>”

IB-Conditional-Order-002 Image

Step 3: Set the Underlying, operator and Price

IB-Conditional-Order-003 Image

Step 4: Review the condition, then click the “Basic” tab

IB-Conditional-Order-004 Image

Step 5: Set the Order Type to “SNAP MID”, the Offset Amount to 0.00 and the Time in Force to “GTC”, then click the “Transmit” or “Accept” button.

IB-Conditional-Order-005 Image

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