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Sun Jul 5, 2020

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How to Manage Simulated Trades in Thinkorswim

Knowledge Base

How To Track Commissions
By Jim Clements

  1. Using the same expiration cycle as the trade, in the Analyze tab buy a single (quantity +1) call (or put).
  2. Sell (quantity -1) the same strike call (put). Do not mix calls and puts.
  3. Take the commissions costs for the trade and divide this cost by 100. Example: commissions = $37.50/100 = 0.375
  4. Enter this number in the price for the simulated long option, and lock this price.
  5. Enter zero (0.00) for the price of the same simulated short option, and lock this price. 

Here's what this looks like for a simulated FB 23 Mar 18 trade, for $37.50 in opening commission costs ($1.25 per contract):

Click on image to view full size

Each time you make another simulated trade update the price of the simulated long option. Divide the new trade commission costs by 100 and add that number to the existing long option amount. If you wish to track round-trip commission costs, then double the number: 0.375 x 2 = 0.75 for the price of the simulated long option.

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