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Tue Mar 9, 2021

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Windows Excel RTD links with Thinkorswim data

Knowledge Base

Windows Excel RTD links with Thinkorswim data.


Neil Gillis shared his spreadsheet that monitors multiple butterflies. Neil had a good overview of the formatting required to get RTD working.
Norm Spaulding shared his spreadsheet he uses to monitor his open positions using pivot tables.
Jim Riggio showed how to copy the OPRA code from Thinkorswim so you can paste it into your Excel spreadsheets.
Rick Rose showed his spreadsheet he uses to monitor his crude oil futures options.

Webinar Links

Webinar Notes

  • Mac Excel cannot do RTD. 
  • Set display settings in TOS to 5 decimals places to minimize rounding errors. 
  • F9 refreshes a spreadsheet RTD.
  • ThrottleInterval defaults to two seconds. If it is changed to -1 (manual), RTD will not update automatically.

Useful Excel Functions

  • Example RTD format: =RTD("tos.rtd","tos.rtd","LAST", ".SPX170421P2400" )
  • =TEXT(Al,"00") will format an integer to two digits
  • =CONCATENATE("."&$C$41,TEXT($C$42,"yymmdd"),"P",C43) will convert any date to the correct OPRA format

An excellent alternative to RTD is using QMatix's XLQ to connect market data to Excel.
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